what to see in morocco in 3 days

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Morocco boasts a diverse array of travel experiences, from snow-covered mountain ranges to expansive canyons and pristine white-sand beaches. One cannot forget the crown jewel of Northern Africa, the Sahara Desert. Here’s a guide to savoring the finest Morocco has to offer in just 3 days. morocco royal travel 

Morocco’s borders are a reflection of its history and culture, influenced by a diverse tapestry of neighbors and natural features. To the east, it shares a border with Algeria, while the vast Sahara Desert dominates the south. The Mediterranean Sea graces the northern coast, and the mighty Atlantic Ocean shapes the western frontier, all contributing to the captivating narrative of Morocco.

Merely uttering the name of Morocco evokes tantalizing notions and enigmatic visions of unparalleled adventure and fascination. Despite its close proximity to Algeria in the east and Spain in the north, Morocco maintains a distinct identity, setting it apart from its neighboring nations with whom it shares a historical tapestry. Morocco stands as a world unto itself, offering a medley of distinctive encounters, as the unforgiving desert gradually yields to verdant valleys, flowing rivers, majestic mountains, ancient coastal ports, bustling cities, vibrant marketplaces, and a bustling populace.

Embarking on your Moroccan adventure offers a multitude of entry points and possibilities, yet we suggest commencing your journey as we did – in the lively and mystifying market city of Marrakech!

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Day 1: Marrakech to the Dades Valley.

Arguably the most enchanting destination in all of Morocco, Marrakech captivates every one of your senses with unwavering intensity.

The historic walled city, known as the Medina, unquestionably stands as the primary allure for most travelers. Its imposing red walls, teeming and vibrant marketplaces, and a constant flow of people threading through its labyrinthine streets create an immersive experience. The Medina boasts countless stalls to wander through, brimming with enticing spice pyramids, intricately hand-woven rugs, and an endless array of delectable foods, exquisite crafts, and captivating artifacts.

Naturally, the city also provides the most contemporary shopping experiences beyond the ancient city walls in the Guéliz and Hivernage districts. Additionally, cultural treasures like the Palais des Congrès and the Théâtre Royal await exploration.

Marrakech truly presents a plethora of experiences. Take the time to immerse yourself in this extraordinary city, as there’s an abundance to explore and enjoy. You’ll undoubtedly want to set aside moments for relaxation in a Riad (a boutique hotel) of your preference, and don’t miss the chance to indulge in a traditional hammam spa treatment!

Starting from Marrakech, your adventure kicks off with a scenic drive over Morocco’s highest mountain pass, the Tichka Pass, nestled in the High Atlas mountains. This exhilarating journey offers sweeping panoramic vistas and the refreshing mountain air, providing a welcome respite from the city’s sweltering heat and bustling energy.

Next, your journey continues to Ait Benhaddou, a captivating fortified Ksar brimming with enchanting Kasbahs. After a day full of excitement, you’ll conclude by unwinding at a Riad in the serene Dades Valley for a restful overnight stay.

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Day 2: Dades Valley and Toudra Gorges to Merzouga.

The Dades Valley offers an authentic Moroccan oasis experience, carved by the Dades River cascading down from the High Atlas Mountains. It breathes life into the lush greenery that thrives along the valley’s expanse, a stark contrast to the arid, rocky terrain flanking its sides. The multihued valley walls, reaching heights of up to 500 meters in certain areas, create a breathtaking backdrop. This idyllic setting invites visitors to partake in numerous short walks and treks, without the need to tackle challenging mountain passes.

Not far from there lies the Toudra Gorges, where imposing stone walls gradually narrow around the road. En route, you’ll pass through verdant palm groves and encounter traditional Berber villages.

On the second day of your adventure, you’ll bid farewell to your Riad in the Dades Valley and venture to the Toudra Gorges. Your journey will culminate in the quaint desert village of Merzouga, where you’ll have the incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of desert sand dunes, all on the back of a camel!

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Your night will be spent in a well-appointed tent camp nestled amidst the mesmerizing sand dunes. The camp offers drum music and a comforting campfire to round off your day. You’ll also have the opportunity to capture the most incredible sunset pictures as the sun gracefully descends over the dunes.

Day 3: Merzouga to Ouarzazate to Marrakech

Your desert sojourn will conclude in a similarly magical fashion as it commenced – with a sunrise spectacle over the dunes. This enchanting moment will be followed by a delightful desert camp breakfast and a camel ride back to the village of Merzouga.

From there, your journey leads you back towards Marrakech, with a noteworthy stop in the ancient city of Ouarzazate, renowned as the gateway to the Sahara Desert. The vistas from this point are genuinely awe-inspiring, featuring rugged terrain and a 19th-century palace that has graced the silver screen as Tibet, ancient Rome, Somalia, and Egypt in several prominent movies. Witnessing it in person, you’ll grasp precisely why it’s a cinematic gem.

Experience even more of Morocco

While this 3-day adventure provides a glimpse of Morocco’s rich offerings at a manageable pace, it’s worth noting that extending your stay will only enrich your experience, given the wealth of sights and activities in this remarkable country.

This particular three-day tour can commence or conclude in the city of Fes, affording you the opportunity to explore the city often hailed as Morocco’s cultural capital.

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